Boozy Bourbon Peach Pops

Boozy Bourbon Peach Pops.

I am sharing this gorgeous account of friendship (link directly above).  It was written BY someone who I am lucky to know because of how beautiful, unique and inspiring she is both inside and out and it was written ABOUT one of the most important people in my life; my most loyal and dear friend.  I loved reading this and I hope it will inspire a smile from anyone who has a best friend.

Also, I feel that this recipe should be shared and repeated. A popsicle with Bourbon?!? stop it. delicious.

In addition, I am not a dancer nor do I have any business being anywhere in or around a dance setting …however, most of the best friends that I have in my life are all dancers (I do not know how that happened).  If you are a dancer or you have dance friends then these words will make you smile:

“Surely we would split the batch, perform some killer jazz walks and probably start writing poems about sunflowers, while in our hoodies and underwear.  Maybe that sounds weird.”

– endelaney


One comment on “Boozy Bourbon Peach Pops

  1. endelaney says:

    Awww, thanks for sharing this lady:) xo

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